Dyeing a Blue Collar White

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Several current issues influenced this post’s direction:

  • Heartiste recently tweeted a psychology study that found a bias for self-esteem as more sexually attractive in men. The study’s conclusion vaguely reinforces the common Game concept that illogical self-esteem is increasingly sexually attractive- despite being illogical. If the self-esteem is there, no matter how much of a societal loser you are, it still adds to your favor.
  • I posted recently about what needs to happen to evolve a post-industrial society. When we export a majority of blue collar and raw manufacturing jobs, it ruins the education system’s unconscious goal of preparing children for their societal position in the industrial machine.  Nowadays we have no social status tied to math jobs, chemistry jobs, science jobs, aerospace jobs, etc. Being a NASA scientist today unfortunately suggests that you are a nerd rather than a man with an avant-garde position with an avant-garde mission a la 1960s Space Race. This is simply a piece of a bigger puzzle in that increasingly few jobs can raise social status. Today rather, position in a job’s hierarchy is more reflective of social status.
  • I am actively searching for a brick and mortar job in the field of design. The changes in the social status once granted by that career have evolved from an essential leader who has valuable knowledge and perceptive abilities, to a public service worker who has to be the lowest bidder. Instead of a credential that reflects “an essential leader who has valuable knowledge and perceptive abilities”, the credential only serves to represent how “safe and concerned for health, well being, and equality” you are for the public. The pendulum has now swung to represent a dime-a-dozen servant.
  • A personal interest, David Beckham noticeably changes his hairstyles and dress styles more often than any other celebrity. So much so that he seems to be permanently peacocking.

The question becomes- if people will not work industrial jobs because of the lack of status tied to the job, how can you successfully encourage an economic shift to industrial jobs?

There is only one way to return respectability to work, and that is by doing what the title of this post suggests. If you have to wear a blue collar to work, dye it white and show up on the job. People are going to judge the change as a newfound pompous attitude. People are going to criticize how you don’t belong any more. They are going to assume that the clothes you wear are demonstrative of a haughtiness and dislike of your situation. Let me translate. The only way to return respectability to work is by believing that the work you do is more respectable than any other man. You have to dress better, act more dominant, and be higher value than the competition. You have to be inordinately proud of a job that society ignores.

What do the above-mentioned ideas have do to with this? Two things: first, people are going to logically scoff at the bogus idea of a plumber wearing slacks and an ivory linen shirt. Second, they are going to subconsciously raise their estimation of you. This logic/hindbrain conundrum is what makes guys like David Beckham so laughable yet curiously attractive. This following image has spread around the internet before, but it perfectly captures the dichotomy.

Taken in the 1940s, the image portrays a jobless lumber worker who was struck down by the Depression and forced to become a bean picker. Does he really look any different than David Beckham? No. Is his estimation of his self worth different than David Beckham? Probably not, considering his impeccable grooming and seemingly vibrant attitude. Is he financially equal to David Beckham? Fuck no. The difference is light years apart; but the beauty of the argument is when both images are taken at face value, it doesn’t matter.

The idea is not to over-exaggerate your societal worth with excessive consumption, large social circles, etc. The idea is to over-exaggerate your own self- worth.

As a postscript, most people today who do little actual work are probably the most inclined to over-value their own self worth. People who do much actual work are probably the least inclined to over-value their self-worth. Short of socialism, people who do the work can only become serious competitors when they begin to the illogical and believe that they are better.

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3 Responses to Dyeing a Blue Collar White

  1. xsplat says:

    If your self over-valuation is effective in that it is attractive, then how can it be over-valuation?

    Logically it must simply be a high valuation. It isn’t inaccurate at all.

    I’m surprised that this “logic” has lasted as long as it has when if falls apart on just a cursory examination.

    • Grit says:

      If more men get in the mood of being demanding and constantly asking themselves (and answering with an increasingly larger ego) “is my time worth this?”, chances are there will be two reactions. The people who know the man will be irritated and angry that he finds some reason to think better of himself. The people who don’t know him will just assume that he is naturally inclined to see things in a positive light. But its through this process that a man becomes higher value.

      • P Ray says:

        The more I see it, the more men who are “respected”(with obvious female attention) behave like women.
        Tantrums, relational aggression, blame-deflection, public putdowns, false accusations.
        I’d like to be proven wrong, but that model seems to be holding.
        Of course, all this does is tell the disrespected men that they should find a way to restrict the resources going to the women who disrespect them, in every way possible.
        If the man she’s attracted to doesn’t care about her,
        why should the man she comes crying to later, pay for the previous guys’ behaviour and her decision to stick it out with him until he told her to get lost?

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