Racism is a Limiting Belief


This thread at the rooshv forum inspired this post.

My one critique of a pride based on race is that it is a limiting belief. “I can’t do this, I can’t do that because of the bias against my skin color” is the argument of racism. OK, so instead of that, why not believe that you can? What happens if you actually succeed based on your belief that you can?

Limiting beliefs are hindrances that you impose on yourself that harm accomplishing a goal. They might be factual and valid, they might be naive and illogical. Regardless of the fact, they are still self-imposed beliefs that convince you to not act. It is still an out that coddles you from acting. As men, we have no exceptions in judgement against us:

act – risk taker, achiever, failure, underdog, leader, innovator, doer

don’t act – pussy, weakling, scared, afraid, pathetic, loser, nobody

Racism concentrates on the end product: black men want equality and freedom, but for what? To make it easier for success and fame and fortune? That cannot bypass our biologically ingrained gender role: you as an individual still have to act to be perceived as an achiever or leader or innovator. Do you want everyone to love you? You want everyone to accept your beliefs just because you have a large ego? So do we all.

So to conclude, saying to yourself that everyone is holding you from being somebody, it also says that you are not acting. Even if every living person is your enemy, ready to keep you down when you make that first step, you will still be judged for not taking action. That’s a biological truth.

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