Recession/Depression pulls the legs out from feminism

The evil R Word is back in the news (despite the trillions in bail outs).


In my opinion, men are distraught with feminist behavior because it reflects a woman’s underlying personality. A personality is not an easy thing to change. How long does it take for the stock market to crash and for the value of money to be worthless? A few days. How long does it take for a person to go hungry? Three days, possibly. How drastic and desperate will a person become in that time? Pretty drastic. How angry and violent will people be? Pretty violent.

I’m really curious: if men can go from passive and routine to violent and desperate in three days, can women go from aggressiveness and grrll power to submission and chasteness in that same time frame? I feel like there would be a lot of sluts ready to give sex away for a piece of bread, more than sluts who know how to reform their ways. And since that seems to be the only message women want to accept these days, there will be a glutted market of sluts.

All of this might never happen. But so much of feminism is riding on it never happening, and for women to never consider what happens when people fight for survival.



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2 Responses to Recession/Depression pulls the legs out from feminism

  1. TAllagash says:

    women say a lot of things. the men they give it up to show the proof of what they want. the media, the stuff women buy in DROVES, shows it as well. keep your commercials and your lame movies like Juno and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Gag list.
    Twilight. Mad Men.
    The men that evoke passion are not p*ssies.

  2. P Ray says:

    If women are willing to give sex for a piece of bread …
    they’re worth nothing to men who consider sluts a bad investment.

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