Thoughts on Homosexuality Part 2

Follow up from part 1, which is here.

This was originally a comment on Roissy’s blog post.

A few points:

-By the time they have come to understand the concept of a “closet” that they need to “come out of”, chances are that they were already agonizing over their sexual condition with no comprehension of the terminology- in the lap of nubile young girls who ate that drama UP. Fitness harming? I think not.

-If gayness is a fitness strategy for reproduction, doesn’t it make sense that their entire personality is meant to disarm, confuse, or obfuscate the very truth? Like a hunter’s decoy, the gay man seems to subconsciously cultivate a girl’s image of an ideal man. He is obsessed with how hot he looks, he white-knights to an extreme level, and he craves emotional drama. Alpha competitors accept it else they ruin their own gravy-train. How many times have you heard gay guys say, “oh yes, i’ve *experimented* with having sex with girls before.” BOOM. Done deal, if it were hunter-gatherer times. Genes passed.

-Shouldn’t gays have run off to a big male orgy in the woods by now? The gay guys I know seem to not stray far from cell range with their girl posse- which almost always has hot girls in it. Normal men don’t get that kind of backdoor access- pun intended. I think it’s a disservice to yourself if you think homosexuality is completely and entirely and only about penis-in-ass. If it were, they would be away in their own world by now, instead of lambasting moral society from the parapets.

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