Waxing poetic about fatties.

Nothing like a male ego check when you run across some fattie’s online dating profile. Now I have no interest in online dating, but I come across Rooshv forum posts (like today’s tweet) where guys drag profiles up from the gnashing and grinding pit of Dante’s hell. Profiles that never should see the light of day.


Even with PBJ smeared so liberally on their fingers and cookie crumbs all over their clothes, they will deny being in the kitchen. They write their profiles like normal weight human beings. Deny deny deny.

Gross. What is more gross than looking at images of these corpulents? I know: their fucked up abnormal brains that rationalize it all.

PS I’m going to spoil the movie Catfish for you right now. Its actually a fucking weirdo fat aging woman. That is all.

I hereby dub, and encourage you to refer to these women, as “catfish.” Go forth and shameth those catfish, my sons.

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