Dating and Diving

Cold approaching is like swimming out into the sea with a mask, fins, and snorkel. I paddle along the surface, witnessing what looks like a colorful, exciting, and action packed world down below. I see what looks like a good prospect- something down there glints and catches my eye. At that point I take a deep breath, turn over, and kick down into the depths. When I get there, the experience may or may not be the same thing visible from the surface. Some times, the experience is very bland for such a deep dive into the sea. Sometimes, there is more to experience at less pressure and less depth.

Regardless, my breath always runs out, and I am forced to return to the surface. Some days, I am more energetic and can dive deeper, some days I am sore and unwilling to dive more than a few feet.

Sometimes I wish I had some scuba diving equipment [ed: female friendship]. Scuba divers always seem to be having a good experience down in the depths for so long. I might be able to earn enough to buy my own one day, but considering the expenses of taking diving lessons, maintaining the equipment, and practicing enough to be safe- it might be better to rent.

Finally, it would be great to be Jacque Cousteau and experience all of his success. But I also wonder if his kind of passion and interest would even be rewarded today.

Therefore, skin diving might be limited, but it is still pleasant and the best option at the time.



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