God doesn’t grant life, Women do: Thoughts on Abortion

Abortion = for the mother’s wellbeing, not the childs, so give the mother control.


Alimony = for the child’s wellbeing, not the family’s, so give the mother control. 

-When women think that they alone have control of childbirth, they believe that the potential of giving birth gives them the right to judge the life immediately growing in their bodies. Since women naturally cannot be in control of anything, naturally they will lose their fertile potential.

-Politicians have given the right to women to have the sole responsibility for life. Politicians have given women the ability to ignore all the decisions that lead up to an abortion. Politicians have given women the ability to act on their judgement, which is always centered on the woman’s emotions. So what does that leave to men?

-In a strictly biological sense, men withdrawing from sexual interaction could signal a society’s self-abortion. Women consciously and subconsciously cannot fulfill their feminine roles. They abort children, ruin their fertility with birth control medication, and perpetuate demeaning and entitled attitudes. Not only is it consciously disconcerting, but it might invoke real subconscious physiological changes. Consider this: men are sexually attracted to the signs of fertility in women. So if the fertility is absent, it is natural that the signs will disappear. Women are attracted to the signs of masculinity in men. So if the masculinity is absent, the signs will disappear. Scary thought, considering the signs are disappearing.  If you disregard man’s conscious desires, it seems that a celebration of effeminate men and masculine women could signal a subconscious desire for destruction that our animal side deems necessary to restore our natural roles.  

-Children tend to out-alpha men and women. Despite contraceptives, there are still tons of illegitimate kids being born. Kids that are narcissistic and demanding. Kids that have no morality and will fight for resources. In a way, children are better empathizers, fantasizers, and more inspirational. They are more alpha than us.

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