Employers Will Cockblock You

Aka, not hire you.

See, once you take the red pill, it becomes an obvious deal breaker to an employer.

Imagine the typical HR department. The office is probably staffed by an empowered feminist of 26-35 years of age. Exactly the type of chick who spent the last decade believing how serious her work is. She probably believes she had to make many sacrifices, aka give up socializing with her frat pack, to learn how to be a HR person.

Meanwhile in her personal life, she spent the last decade chasing alpha cock. Football players, bouncers, bartenders, DJs, indie musicians, etc. Fempower and alpha dick chasing are positively correlated. She is on the cusp of being jaded and cynical about those flirty, confident single guys. Her social life is looking more like a rerun Sex and the City episode through the 3″ screen of her worn and tattered iPhone 4.

Not only does she see this, but every person she hires MUST fit this stereotype. You MUST be like her- ready to settle down at age 24 (ed: BWAHAHAHAHAHHA) first and foremost.

Instead, you suck back a red pill and walk in looking like an H&M model, ready to ride your paychecks to Poosy Paradise. Sure, as you sit down you project a desire to calmly and professionally work. But meanwhile you daydream about how you will rip up time space reality with hedonism in your private life. You know you can do this and get off SCOTT FREE. Why? You are a SINGLE, NO ATTACHMENTS, YOUNG MALE, and everyone must respect that you want to keep your private life private.

Except she can see right through your veneer. The writing is scribbled all over your professionally kept face. How could it be so discernible? Easy! YOU ARE A SINGLE, NO ATTACHMENTS, YOUNG MALE.

Most people (COUGH ***BABY BOOMERS***) say “Awww cute, when you are young, it is haaaard to get a job but if you really work at it, you can reach our level of naivety and moronic bias success. When you get a lot of experience being a pussy you will look back from your sloth wife and cookie-cutter house and fondly realize how ignorant intelligent you were then.

Considering the level of sluttiness that women have embraced, making it hard to even consider the “M” word;

considering the level of doublespeak that you will be required to employ at the office;

considering the level of promise that you seem to possess, and the level of skill you might have taught yourself;

considering that baby boomers want to be young and live forever;

considering that she probably confirms, reaffirms, and is enthusiastic about all of these liberal and hip factors;

…I sit there, look across the table into her eye, and get rejected on principle for being a good looking, promising, skilled, on the way up male. You know, all of those things that feminists and her baby boomer bosses really want to be but simply ARE NOT.

The funnnnnny thing is that I have embraced reality, my OWN reality, and I find it GOOD. For that reason I’m going to live forever- exactly what a baby boomer wants but will never get within his ego-driven arrogance to prove how he would change the world.

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3 Responses to Employers Will Cockblock You

  1. P Ray says:

    Many employers only want to hire desperate employees.
    Not to mention a desperate person is more likely to lie, and will therefore be easier to terminate.
    Which is why knowing how to quickly benefit from being in an organisation that wants to get rid of you … is something some people do but never talk much about.
    On the flip side of it is these young female HR types … will become the old female HR types that only let in other young females later, that they socially know and can terrorise at work.
    More money for the drug companies, an investment opportunity for men (Not to mention a business opportunity for pet food companies and publishing houses (self-help books)).
    Always turn their cockblock into an opportunity for yourself.

  2. (r)ev says:

    Three words, gents: fake wedding ring.

  3. B says:

    “Many employers only want to hire desperate employees.”

    This in a nutshell. They want a slave who will do what he is told and put up with whatever the company wants. They don’t want a man with a pair who will call bullshit out and has the guts (and freedom) to quit.

    That is why sales managers encourage sales people to one up each other in their flash expenses (all paid for on debt)

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