Raising taxes vs. lowering taxes: spot the red herring

Raising taxes vs. lowering taxes.

Raising taxes is proactive, meaning “Lets raise taxes now so that we can have a greater freedom of operation in the future. The act comes before the action.

Lowering taxes is reactive because it is indirect. In order to lower taxes, you first have to eliminate excess spending; therefore you are not lowering taxes so much as you are cleaning out the spending programs, allowing for lower taxes. The act comes after the action.

Have you heard of a proactive cut to a tax? Cut the tax and then let the spending programs dry up naturally? Rarely.

Considering this, you now see that the argument for raising taxes vs. lowering taxes is using a red herring. The actual argument is more like raising taxes vs. cutting excess spending. But is not worded that way. Raising taxes vs. lowering taxes looks nicely worded on paper and sounds good.

Raising taxes is an enabler, lowering taxes is a disabler- at least in the eyes of the mass consuming public. The simple two-step of raising taxes (1. Raise Taxes-act 2. Spend-action) is erroneously applied to lowering taxes (1. Lower Taxes-act 2. Whither Away-action) instead of the actual two step (1.Reduce Spending-action 2. Lower Taxes-act).

Liberals have a marked incentive to continually pitch lowering taxes as an attack on you personally. “If we lower taxes, little LaShawn is not going to get food stamps!” The alternative is a whole ‘nother can of worms, no matter how truthful and honest it is: “Let’s spend better by stop buying little LaShawn TV dinners, tater tots, and ice cream. Lets buy him protein and vegetable meals, a healthy diet.” You see, this alternative is too close to reality, too close to holding low IQ people responsible for their own actions, and too close to HBD. 

PS This same rhetoric is perfectly applied to bailouts, entitlement programs, and other miscellaneous arguments. We need bailouts now! (1.Give bailout-act 2.Save the government -action.) You oppose us??? (1.Deny bailout-act 2.Ruin the world-action) The actual truth (1. Company failed -action 2. Market moves on-act)


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