Special Snowflakes in the Military

We in the manosphere use the “special snowflake” moniker not as a derogatory remark but as a reality check. In the world of Game, it is most often tied to beta-refusal to put ego on the line and accept the red-pill realities ( Money, achievement, and credentials are not useful without charisma, attitude, and confidence).

I just completed Mark Owen’s No Easy Day about the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden. One brief passage describes the four tube night vision system that most of the Navy SEALs employ. It is cutting edge technology that is a step up over traditional night vision, giving extra peripheral detail. The photos in the book look similar to this shot:

The author quotes the goggles as costing sixty-five thousand dollars per pair. That is more than twice  the median middle class income of $27,000 a year!

Returning to the focus of this blog post, our cutting edge military relies on the advances of technology (like night vision) for two reasons. The first is to operate at times and at places that a low-tech enemy cannot operate, thereby increasing the chance of success. The second is to predict enemy action beforehand, allowing for offensive attack before the enemy is prepared. Military success is very easy to define: killing the enemy without dying yourself. Our military technology always addresses this very issue: all technology is designed to make killing the enemy easier and at the same time protecting your own life.

We are in a war with two sides, the USA vs. extremist Muslims, but we are also in a war with two motives. The United States fights a war against charismatic people: the highest ranked enemies are also the most influential to inspiring more attacks against the USA. Al Qaeda fights a war of attrition: the higher the body count, the more they are able to invalidate the blue-pill bubble of technology. With all of that tech, we still die.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Al Qaeda seems like they could care less about body count. But the TV blares the US body count each time another soldier dies, reminding us of how special each man was. The inverse is also true. We could care less about the Arabic names babbled on TV, but Al Qaeda most likely reveres the name of each terrorist killed.

I use the phrase “special snowflake” as a wake up call: the military is in an entitlement complex much like a special snowflake. The military sees technology as essential to fighting a war, unwilling to see that the demand for technology is driving us into a financial hole. From one perspective, $65,000 night vision is absolutely necessary; from another, it is a costly expenditure we cannot sustain that contributes to the trillions in bailout payments.

I also use the phrase “special snowflake” in a psychological sense. The United States is unwilling to fight “dirty” to win the war, much like betas are unwilling to act “dirty” (aka Game) to get laid. We cock-block ourselves with our moral superiority, which is increasingly becoming blue pill delusions. Does it make sense for the military to fight for honor, duty, and sacrifice when 85% of the women in our own country abandoned these very ideas?

As a closing, I want to offer some assorted red-pill insights.

-With the embassy attack in Libya, Americans are realizing that the real war is one between rationalism/science and ignorance/extremism. More Americans are going to catch on to the idea of bombarding Al Qaeda with education, feminism, and the scientific method (the three factors that ruined American Christian extremism back in the 1800s).

-In a Howard Stern interview, Sasha Baron Cohen described a satirical interview with an actual terrorist dressed as the fictional character Bruno. He had the audacity to crack jokes with the terrorist, and he was astounded at the lack of a sense of humor. In fact, he expounded on all terrorists lacking a sense of humor. They lack the self-introspection that is required to laugh at themselves. Using Game terminology, America can win this war with cocky-funny game, using humor to make the terrorists look absurd in the eyes of their own women.

-Finally, consider the B.O.P.E. special force in Brazil, a counter-terrorist group that fights the drug war in Brazil’s favelas. This counterterrorist group can simply march right into the middle of their enemies’ homes without fear of death. Why? Because killing a B.O.P.E. soldier is akin to a death sentence. They have no qualms about torturing family members or associates to track down and kill someone who attacks them. They wage a psychological war that the USA lacks in all its reliance on technology.



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2 Responses to Special Snowflakes in the Military

  1. TAllagash says:

    BOPE is the real deal.

  2. TAllagash says:

    and they’ve been using extra judicial killings all over to clean up for the world cup and the olympics.

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