The Arab Solution

Usually I am not inclined to take an extremist stance due to my general sense of humor.

However, there is an easy and extreme solution to solve the immediate Arab aggression against the United States. Simply send a communications vessel out to the sea-bed fiber optic lines and cut them. Cut off the Arab world from their internet connection.

You should have no qualms about this. Why? I guarantee that 85% of Arab internet use is leeching and not contributory. Seeing as the embassy attacks were spurred by a California made Youtube video, lets see what Youtube videos actually come out of Arabic countries. As far as I can find, the most popular seem to be cultural interest pieces made by expats or relatives of people in the Arab world. The rest are news clips of extremist violence. about .001% are humor related: chrome mercedes, funny camels, etc. The most productive videos are ads for Dubai; in other words, celebrations of excessive consumption of luxury goods. Of the examples listed, the only content of value that comes out of the Arab world is made by foreigners living there. 

The video that caused this embassy violence is extremely poor in quality. But realize this: it is still higher quality than any comparable fictional video coming from the Middle East. 

The reality is that Muslim men probably sit around in internet cafes to pirate American Hollywood movies, watch our pop culture, and (gasp) to jerk off to American made porn. Lezbehonest: most Arab men are Omegas who can’t stand that they don’t have access to hot American co-eds. Boom. I said it.


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