A sexually open society, a sexually cloistered society

Does anyone doubt that we live in a sexually open society? With girls younger than 8 getting the brunt end of exploitative capitalism, it should be plainly obvious, correct?

Don’t believe it. Our society is more sexually cloistered than it has ever been. I want to set the ground argument and then get into an argument in favor for one or the other.

I ended up on this topic after seeing the elimination of kissing in public. I am fairly certain that I went through SIX YEARS on a college campus and never saw ONE instance of public kissing. Maybe a few pecks goodbye here and there, but no public make out sessions. Why are people hesitant to express passion, pure eroticism, in public? Because we are a christian society? No. What then?

It all stems back to what I believe happened at the beginning of the sexual revolution in the 1960s. For the first time in the American female’s consciousness, she realized that she could reject religious morality (namely, ‘Thou shall not lie’ and ‘Thou shall not commit adultery’), and she could have sex covertly- while preserving her appearance in order to stay connected with socially driven men (GBFM’s ‘alpha fux beta bux’). The most critical part of this is that she never publicly reveals her sexuality. No matter how much sex she actually has, her public image cannot be associated with sex.

I offer some anecdotal evidence to the decline of a social public and a resurrected tribal-style privatism. I ask you: are socially driven men sexually successful, or are a-social men sexually successful today? Which girls are more successful: the ones who support socially driven men, or the ones who support asocial men?

Like others in the manosphere have pointed out, women are designed to mentally accept this schizophrenic situation; women are designed to pursue the alpha uber alles. Knowing that, you cannot logically place blame on women for being born that way. Men are trapped in a catch-22. They want what is in the best interest of their women, but what is in the best interest of their women happens to be in their worst interest.

We are in a sexually open society for women: pursue high snob-ciety for the money and social position (a guarantee, since no one can publicly question her sexuality), meanwhile signal to the dark triads of her promiscuity for the genes.

What does a sexually open society look like for men? When all men have made pacts amongst themselves to respect the sanctity of marriages, and the majority of couples do marry, you are free to demonstrate signs of the unity in public, since future suitors are not watching and evaluating the wife’s sexuality for their own ends.

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2 Responses to A sexually open society, a sexually cloistered society

  1. william epps says:

    Agreed, there is no public display of affection I see anywhere in the USA, is there anywhere on the planet that has open public display of affection? I bring this up to many old timers and they say back in thier day, people were always kissing and making out, everywhere. I have met many prostitutes who also want to have this “air” of respectability, and I ask them, I don’t get it, you are a paid hooker, you like dirty kinky sex, why do you have this need to potray yourself as this wholesome virgin, it makes no sense, and then usually the discussion devolves from there. I used to film all sex encounters and send the videos to their friends, I have just lost all patience and tolerance with this sillyness. Most are fuming angry, some come back though for more because they are bored with losers who don’t cause problems/drama/excitement in thier lives. I even grew tired of that though, I am tired of it all, bored to death.

  2. william epps says:

    PS, I travelled all over europe last year, in Milan Italy I saw many lesbians openly kissing and making out in public areas, that was the only place I remember seeing it though.

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