Zuckerberg downgraded from beta to omega

Previously, this blog made the assertion that Zuckerberg clearly defined himself as a Zuckerbeta. Now, that honorific has been revised, downward, to omega.

Hi Guys! Be my friend?

Facebook Raises Fears with Ad Tracking

Facebook is working with a controversial data company called Datalogix that can track whether people who see ads on the social networking site end up buying those products in stores. 

Amid growing pressure for the social networking site to prove the value of its advertising, Facebook is gradually wading into new techniques for tracking and using data about users that raise concerns among privacy advocates.

“Studying” other people’s habits via tracking their behavior can’t get much more omega. Instead of experimentation or guerilla campaign, which would be a much more alpha approach, or survey, which is pretty beta, he opted to the most pathetic strategy possible. Hell, charge Facebook users every Saturday and he would make a killing on party slut profits.

That last blog post asserted that Zuckerberg invented Facebook because he was on the outside of popular social groups looking in. Facebook would pull back the curtains and let him wander through the  social lives of hot and interesting people. Yet in true omega form, he sees the action, but must find out more: what influences their behavior? What? What? What?

Omegas see a hot girl, and what he doesn’t see drives him mad. Am I worthy? Who is she? Who is having sex with her? Who? What? Why? Omegas refuse to believe that superficiality trumps. The hot guy with the sleeve tats and the douche attitude? How could he possibly be having sex with that good girl? Why why why!!?!?!?

So while the alphas of the world are out inventing products in high demand (or actively conning you out of your money), and while betas of the world are giving you exactly what you ask for in the service world, omegas are out there under the radar, creepily watching your every move.


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