I Support….*crickets*

It seems as if major male entities play right into the hands of the feminatrix “not to question why, but to do or die” mentality these days.

It also seems as if women have a thorough and innate working knowledge of logical fallacies, for example, argumentum e silentioIn this type of fallacy, the oppressor attempts to win by using the defender’s silence as proof of guilt.

“Pete! Look at me! Were you out at a bar last night?”


“See! I knew it!”

Pete could have been with his dying mother and stunned beyond words at the accusation. But regardless,  silence seems to confirm his girlfriend’s worst fear.

In the domain of men, we used our rational and logical brains to invent philosophy around this: a right to silence, and the closely related Fifth Amendment. A person accused of a crime can simply be silent (Miranda Rights, “You have a right to remain silent…”), and from that point on he is legally protected from guilt by argumentum e silentio

If you were to ask me what I support…

You – “Do you support equal rights?”

Me – ……………..

You – “Do you support abortion?”

Me – ……………..

You – “Do you support homosexuality?”

Me – ……………..

You – “How dare you!”

Me-………………”Nice weather.”

Now you can take my silence as a sign that I am a bigoted misogynistic bastard, but can you really? (hint: not according to the Constitution). Take one guess what is next in line for feminist bombardment.

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