Reasons *women* should marry

The Dr. Helen Smith piece entitled “Name Five Reasons a Man Should Get Married”  has been making rounds in the blog sphere. Vox at Alpha Game had a fairly compelling and simple argument, so I will use that as a standard for rational male responses to the original question.

And my response to those rational male responses: please, like, really?

Here at Grit Artisan, the true onus is on women. My job as a masculine guy is to go out, kick ass and take names. Carry the carcass back to the village campfire, metaphorically. I don’t have fucking time to sit around and ponder. I don’t have time to decide when and where marriage is good for me. That’s a woman’s job.

So the real question is , “what the fuck is wrong with American women out there who aren’t thinking about the reasons they should get married soon?” I’ll answer:

Name Five Reasons a Woman Should Get Married:

1. protection

2. access to a strong body to lift things

3. access to a family income

4. husbands can argue with belligerence and logic

5. access to social status

Although my answers don’t make sense in 21st century USA, they used to (when survival mattered). More importantly, they make more sense than any reason from the male side. Until marriage is revered as a sacred vow again, marriage is simply a suckers bet. To my male readers: it’s not your job to find reasons to man up. Its her job to find reasons to latch you down.

So you see, in a way, birth control is the worst thing to happen to women. I digress.



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One Response to Reasons *women* should marry

  1. Tom White says:

    6. So she still has someone who gives a damn about her after she hits the wall.

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