Reducing debt vs. cutting pork spending

Some economic thoughts:

-Trying to cut the budget out of government programs is cutting the budget of multiculturalism, feminism and political correctness. You will be branded racist, sexist, bigoted, and apathetic to unfortunate people. aka fucked

-What’s the easiest way to handle the national debt? Choose:

1. Eliminate all federal spending on entitlements.

2. Take the entire country’s gdp and use it to pay off the debt. No one gets a paycheck.

3. Go to war to eliminate records of who owes.

4. Forgive all debts and start from scratch.

-I have no interest in funding entitlement programs. Eventually the young people in this country will make it apparent that they have no interest either. You seriously think a generation of narcissists and attention whores is going to tolerate paying off anyone but themselves? Wrong. What then? Gonna try and take everything I own/ earn?

– A corollary to the above point, with a huge pool of low wage taxpayers and a tiny pool of high earning taxpayers, all those high earners need to do is jump ship and the government will have to get REAL creative left holding the dynamite.

– No politician can cut the debt: he can only cut spending. No politician can cut the debt: he can only balance the budget. Why. Because we are already throwing the gdp at the debt and gdp is losing. We will have to start from scratch to buckle down and not allow debt to begin with. Seriously: the next incarnation of culture is going to have: No debt, period. as its motto.

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One Response to Reducing debt vs. cutting pork spending

  1. Rotten says:

    Or, you can go the way Washington seems to be headed. 1) Print money, and 2) lie about the official inflation rate.

    The printed money acts like a tax, the loss of value of everybody’s money acts like a tax that hit all holders of money equally. The inflation hits and essentially steals the wealth of anybody who saved dollars (and this can run deficits until all saved wealth is exhausted) And, the inflation is here: Just yesterday, I went to Subway and a $5 footlong cost $7.75.

    Second, lieing about the inflation rate and paying out devalued dollars acts as huge cuts to programs (cuts to TIPS bonds, cuts to social security and government worker salaries & pensions). All of these government payouts are inflation protected, so the government needs to lie with how the official index is calculated.

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