the iPhone

The iPhone raises some interesting questions about human nature and progress.

As I see it, the iPhone is a wonder device for the realm of men. It vastly simplifies enforcing contractual obligations, requesting services, trading ideas, networking men into discussion, and communicating written messages.

Imagine a business contract and the scope of work for a project. Previously, you had to scribe out thousand word documents that clearly delineated the responsibilities of different groups of the contract. The iPhone is recreating word of mouth contracts in text message form.

Ding. “Hey Steve. how many parts did you request in your shipment?”

Ding. “Five total with three optional additions.”

Ding. “Will get this out first thing in the morning. Tell John hi.”

Within these simple messages is a digitized record of the scope of the contract. Simply knowing that your word is stored out there somewhere is akin to an ego check.

Besides legal ramifications, imagine how the iPhone has consolidated telegraphy, telephony, PC, broadband, cellular, cartography, music, photography, cineography, lightspeed data transfer, and realtime international communication. Despite the shortcomings, it is clear to see why the device is consolidating and subsequently dominating multiple markets.

Having mentioned the downsides, lets start with the biggest and most critical. The downside of the iPhone is that it is also a wonder device for the realm of women. Never before has a woman been able to maximize showing her body off to men to attract potential mates. Never before have women been able to recruit low status men to feed her ego. Never before has a woman been able to contact and screen men while her sexual buying value is high. The iPhone might be a force multiplier for groups of men, giving them n times more potential, but the iPhone gives women n^n times more potential.

The curious situation: in a market of hypergamous young girls, the winners will obviously need an iPhone to compete. Sure enough, you now see 13 year old girls with iPhones. Who is paying the bill? More importantly, how can you ignore the multitudes of proof that most girls use the iPhone to act like sluts? Are millions of dads willing to foot expensive phone bills under NAWALT status?

If women had to choose, I guarantee that they would pick an iphone over suffrage any day. The iPhone is the new beta male orbiter because it consolidates all the beta males into one handheld device. In this regard, the iPhone is the most successful tool of democracy and free market trade ever. Texting a swarm of orbiters when you want something is a lot easier than voting a politician into office who may or may not eventually supply you with stuff. Girls have an unprecedented ability to treat men with apathy and flakiness- perfectly representative of their feelings for beta men in general.

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One Response to the iPhone

  1. MNL says:

    No coincidence that Facebook is the most popular mobile app among women (i.e., more women reporting using it at least once in the last 30 days). Among men, by contrast, the most popular mobile apps are Maps/Navigation, Gmail, and Google search. All three of these apps beat-out FB among men.

    Male vs. female mobile app use is entirely consistent with your post.

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