Fallen Comrades: CMDN

The manosphere and Christian sphere lost a strong voice recently: BSkillet at Christian Men’s Defense Network. He seemed to be highly respected by at least one power in this realm of the internet: Dalrock. I personally found his writing true and resonant. The instigator: Xeni Jardin at Boing Boing

If we can lose a blog like Christian Men’s Defense Network, it has to be assumed that we can just as easily lose a blog like Dalrock’s despite the obvious logic and truth that drives both of them (and all blogs in the manosphere).  I want to point out the obvious, though. BSkillet pulled his blog when his opposition’s greatest argument consisted of this:

Apparently, this is not a satire.

Who knows, maybe it was a really good parody.

Literally. In the article, these are the only two opposing sentiments the author releases.

This situation is regrettable in that CMD-N allowed a tangible mass-media outlet to flip over the public stone, see the truth growing beneath the surface, and then allow it to be squashed by nothing more than a flaky teenager’s “really? just really?” argument. At least it was a Christian blog;  I would expect the general manosphere sentiment from other men’s rights sites to be “Yes. Get used to it.” But the opposition probably chooses its sources wisely and preys on the weaker. Again, step Rollo or Roosh up to the plate, god forbid you get Heartiste, and i’m pretty sure it would rock the boat.

Jardin, the author of the critical stance, self edits his own thoughts. If he was actually mindful, open, or inquisitive, he would have addressed the sentiments that BSkillet made. Nah, too much of a pussy there to deal with BSkillet’s points.

Unfortunately, I will have to take the unforgiving male stance here. We have two pussies:

-BSkillet is a pussy for caving at the first tremor underfoot of rocking PC polite society.

-Xeni Jardin is a pussy sycophant, period.

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