A Minor Revelation

It is not the man’s responsibility to wrap his balls into a knot and put a ring on. It is a woman’s responsibility to do all that she can to lock him down.

As a man, you should constantly aim for 18-25 year old pussy. If you keep your conscience clear and pursue this demographic and this demographic alone, you automatically have a “get-out-of-marriage-expectations-free” card. When people interrogate you why you are single, respond “My girlfriends have not wanted to get married.” Boom. By placing the responsibility on women you reveal that you have experienced the ingrained truth that it really isn’t up to you. It proves that you date chicks who are hot enough to have banged multiple men without them immediately demanding marriage.

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One Response to A Minor Revelation

  1. TAllagash says:

    this is brilliant. to quote a famous film, they stay the same age.

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