How the rich are changing

Search Youtube and watch the documentary called Born Rich to familiarize yourself with the inspiration for this post.

I was astounded after watching this video to see how Spergy the guys were. With all of their families’ millions and billions of dollars, some posters on Youtube have more social power than these dynasties. Everyone might use Johnson and Johnson toilet paper, but Justin Bieber has the attention of every teenage girl alive.

One of the characters elaborates on his lifetime aspiration: ” Whatever I do, I want to be indispensable.” This thought is ironic coming from the kind of person who has no choice but to fly under the radar and be relatively useless (else risk it all).

Although billions in capital might be game enough, even the ultra rich never get a break from gaming. Luke Weil, one of the interviewed, complains about the predominance of “clubbing.” He laments that exclusive house parties would be much better than nightclubs because it would eliminate the “Joeys” and “Tonys” of their social circle. In other words, he is whining that guys with game can enter a club and pull better quality girls despite having comparatively little wealth.

The (intelligent, street smart) layman today lives life with nothing to lose. Career is a losing prospect, marriage is a losing prospect, and having an opinion is a losing prospect. What would the grandfathers of these guys do today? Assuming they are keen and street smart, they would probably not aim high. We have seen that our culture will worship ghetto trash. Maybe they would consider getting a few tattoos…

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1 Response to How the rich are changing

  1. TAllagash says:

    def get some tattoos. chicks like tattoos and scars. at leas the type of chick i like sleeping wtih.

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