Saturday Gun Show

The number of casual visitors to this site jumped considerably on Friday thanks to a post I did around the Dark Knight shooting. Clearly the search phrase “gun control” is a hot topic right now. It might be hush hush, but it’s on everyone’s minds.

During the Civil War, the musket rifle was still a handmade creation. Since we are still years before the Industrial Revolution, the rifle was made piece by piece and assembled by hand. Because of the handmade quality, guns took a premium of time, labor, and expertise to produce. All of which were in short supply to begin with. Throw a war into the mix.

Factories were not yet in existence; mass producing firearms drove laborers into increasingly bad conditions. Until mechanization and assembly lines, the effort to produce a rifle would remain costly.

The difficulty in making firearms translated into a difficulty in supplying the war effort, which translated to high demand for weaponry. The states in the Union and Confederation were desperate to obtain guns, period.

Owning a gun ensured that you stood a fighting chance. Forget about actual battle. Having guns gave you a fighting stance in  politics. If your next door state legislature knew that you had no guns, they would use that to protect themselves from you. They might even demand more resources and troops knowing that an enemy force would swing through your state with ease. Imagine if your enemy knew the intimate details about each state, and knew that one state simply did not have a sufficient armament. One guess on the site where the war would begin?

Apply this to the United States today.

A man with no guns is a sheep.

A man with one gun can protect himself and his family.

A man with ten guns can arm ten friends and create a potent small scale militia.

A man with 100 guns can influence a battle.

A man with 1000 guns becomes close friends with governments.

And finally, a man with 100,000 guns is a warlord, more powerful than some small countries.

You may become indignant and haughty when I suggest that you would ever need a gun to have some political clout. That’s supposed to be handled by charisma and rubbing elbows politically. At least, that’s the politically correct way. The objective of this post is to remind you that often times anarchy boils into absolutism that selects for gun ownership in large quantity.

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