Fairness vs. Philanthropy

You heard it here first:

PC society is going to demonize philanthropy from here on out.

The “P” word rings too much of the benevolent dictator patriarch who has so much stuff in his fat-cat penthouse that he can graciously sprinkle his goodies out to you, the plebes.

Another blow: the first step in believing in philanthropy is believing that you are part of a common tribe, people, citizenry, or culture. The all-too-predictible cry of racism belches forth when a philanthropist discriminates (“you didn’t build that!”) who gets his extra cash.

A true philanthropist has the right to behave naturally: he helps out those closest to him, then those most like him, then those who he can ally with, then those who are despicably poor in attitude. Hell, I could be completely wrong with that judgement call. The individual has the right to do whatever he wants with his philanthropy, so I could be way off.

The point is: the individual is left with his judgement of who gets his extra cash. A government infected by gimmedats couldn’t fucking tolerate that.

In an old Rooshv forum thread the participants tried to decide on a name for the group of guys who post there. I suggest philanthropist. It has that nice despicably-real ring to it.

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