Lets Trade

I asked myself this question earlier today: would men trade a societal institution of hypergamy for elimination of women from the public (voting, jobs, public policy, etc)?

(one caveat: hypergamy is defined here as dating one man at a time)

In other words, women would be free to casually start a relationship with an unattached man who finds her desirable. She could then casually date him and live on his income until she finds the next door neighbor more attractive. Then, so long as he is unattached, she could casually dump her current and move on to the neighbor.

Sounds harsh, but consider the trade off. She will naturally factor income into her analysis of his attractiveness. So, technically, she will always end up with a man who can afford to ‘treat her well.’ Therefore, women theoretically would have no need to work. This would also be made possible by an enlarged and more productive economy of all men.

I might be sounding crazy here, but only two conditions prevent this from naturally occurring. These two conditions are probably the first two to go when our current societal ponzi scheme goes belly up.

1. Transfer of money to women after a relationship, via divorce payment and alimony
2. Transfer of money to women through the government, via wellfare, food stamps, etc

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2 Responses to Lets Trade

  1. Revo Luzione says:

    At first, I thought your concept was ill-considered. But, then I thought about other societal collapse scenarios in other countries–the Balkans, Argentina, etc… And I began to realize you are absolutely correct, though you are micro-focusing on SMP-related ramifications, when the other consequences–civil unrest, poverty, widespread misery, even disease pandemic, all will have stronger effects on society, and will also ripple back into the SMP, since they’re all deeply related to it.

    • Grit says:

      Feminism has never been in a ‘survival’ situation before.

      For example, If a woman is employed in an office that is about to be ransacked by a violent mob, will she stand and defend her workplace? I doubt women concieve of a job as necessary to her livelihood. Now imagine a blue collar welder. The same violent mob is about to destroy his truck and his welding machine. Is he going to let them destroy it?

      If feminism does encounter this kind of situation, with survival of the brawn, one of two things will happen:

      1. Women double down on feminism, appearing shrew-like and deluded.
      2. Women act like feminine submissives, therefore looking hypocritical and amoral.

      Hence my proposal for a trade to keep society going for those who are productive.

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