Exploring mastery: a hypothesis

Pretend you want to master activity A. Activities B,C,D,E are all scenarios that you might encounter while pursuing activity A. It is my theory that practicing activities B,C,D,E might be helpful to achieve A, but they absolutely distract from the fulfillment of A; practicing A over and over again will still lead to better results than putting effort into B,C,D,E. Pursuing B,C,D,E is a distraction because mastery of A will naturally and indirectly lead to mastery of B,C,D,E.

Here’s an example. Imagine you are an aspiring football player. You aspire to win the Super Bowl. This is activity A in my example. A typical football player practices years of throws, tackles, drills, sprints. These are B,C,D,E in my example.

A= Win the Super Bowl

B, C, D, E = years of throws, tackles, drills, sprints

In my hypothesis, the practice of activity A will lead to better results than B+C+D+E combined. Theoretically, if somehow every practice session was the Super Bowl, it would lead to magnitudes better results than all of the other drills. If every practice session was amidst 120,000 screaming fans, against a pro team, and you were a rookie amateur on the field, you would learn much faster and become more professional than if you were stuck on a rainy field doing side steps.

Apply this thought to Game. Do you do 1000 day game approaches? Do you work on your openers? Do you work on logistics? Do you work out? Do you eat better? Men do all of these things with the eventual desire to get sex. Yet they also happen to be B,C,D,E in my example. The A in my hypothesis is the point of Game:  seduction of women to have sex. Are you doing B,C,D,E with the hopes that it makes you better at A? Or do you simply do A?

So, according to hypothesis: Pursuit of better diet, better logistics, bigger muscles, etc to get laid helps, but getting laid to get laid(doing A to do A) helps even more.

Now, here is the crux of my hypothesis, the figurative icing on the cake: doing A will indirectly make you better at B,C,D,E, better than if you had simply pursued B,C,D,E beforehand. Wow! Crazy, isn’t it?

Scenario 1: Imagine a guy works on his hobbies, eats the latest diet, and works out. He gets ripped. His first day of confidence, thanks to his ripped physique, leads him to approach a girl. He says “Hi cutie!” She responds,”Eww. If you say another word, I’m going to say you raped me.” Boom, shot down. Pause.

Scenario 2: The same guy decides that his Game practice begins with having sex with the first girl he sees. He sees a girl and delivers the same “hi cutie!” from before. He gets the same rape response from her. Instead of balking, he pushes on and says “Blah blah im talking to you now.” She screams “rape!” He runs away. Police chase him, and he jumps over fences to escape. He busts a fence down. Cops eventually grab him. He acts calm and smoothly explains himself. Police let him go. Exit scenario.

Now consider this: what did each guy learn from his experiences?

Scenario 1: No real feedback. He assumes he needs to work out harder, eat better, and make more money.

Scenario 2: Learns how to pass a shit test. Learns what it feels like to be accused of rape. Gets lots of cardio in the form of running away. Gets aerobic calisthenics in the form of climbing fences. Learns the best way to climb fences. Learns how to jump and land. Learns how much force it takes to bust a fence down. Learns what its like to be roughed up by cops. Learns how to be calm in the face of danger. Learns how to be smooth and controlled.

You might think i’m full of shit and tongue in cheek, but the writing is plain to see. The first guy thinks that to get A he needs to work harder at B,C,D,E. The second guy tries to get A and indirectly learns how to do F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O and P, which also indirectly happens to make him better prepared for A, much better than B,C,D,E.


Now I’m going to blow your mind.

If you take scenario 2 above, most men would agree that everything there is fun if it is removed from context. Passing shit tests? A fun ego boost. Getting chased, and surviving? Fun and exhiliarating. Climbing? Fun. Jumping off stuff? Fun. Being calm and cool? Powerful ego boost.

But because all of this is framed in a police chase, aka the political implication of false accusation, breaking laws, and getting arrested, most men would never seek to take the first step. In today’s feminized world, men want A. But since F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O are all punishable and illegal- which could be anything from an expensive parking ticket to a false rape claim, its no wonder why men are turning into eunuchs.

Next time you go to seduce a girl, see how many of the effects of your interaction have the potential to teach you stuff that makes you street smart. At the same time, see how many of the effects could be punished by law. You will find that because we live in a feminized society, it will be all of them, more or less.


I  landed on this topic when reading about the International Space Station recently. If you apply my hypothesis to space exploration, the ISS is a waste of resources. Things we could learn from the ISS mision could easily be picked up if we launched a few astronauts to Mars. Deep space exploration would benefit near space exploration which would benefit Velcro which would benefit helping boys stay focused in school, which would give families incentive to stay together, etc.

To be continued.

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1 Response to Exploring mastery: a hypothesis

  1. rafaleon says:

    Yeah that is a very nice theory but I am not sure if you are aware of the full picture here. You see, all those variable when performing for its own sake will give you a recognizable value in the dating context (as you prefer to look at it, right now). So for example gym: getting ripped/being bigger not only gives you the looks which are important, but once you exercise you gain also confidence, your testosterone goes up (that makes you more dominant), you gain resilience which makes you bounce back from failures (of rejection for example) much quicker.

    Add good diet which helps to push the above aims even further and you see the value in good, healthy foods you are aware what is good for you and what is rubbish. You consciously choose one better meal over the other.

    As you mentioned hobbies ( gym, diet, books, archery, public speaking etc). If you have not walked the path then you don’t know the mental energy you transform into interesting character traits. For example once you are well read, you have no problem appearing interesting and creativity that goes with it will only add up to your sense of humour.

    As far as I am concerned all these values makes you an attractive, fun person to be around with and as far as I remember from my dating 1 on 1 chicks dig this. Besides once you walk the path and start observing and listening to girl you will notice that their lives are not as awesome as yours. You slowly becoming indifference to their “feminine power” as the only value girls can bring to the table (these days) is looks (which fades away mostly after 30).

    And did I mentioned, or somebody in Manosphere that women sexual trigger is responsive ? Which means if others see you as interesting thanks to A, B, C, D girls will flock to you in numbers. You dont have to do much in this case. Beautiful women will be given to you.

    But that is just my humble opinion, I am wondering what is your thought on that.


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