On to the Next Manifesto

There is a flaw within  society as it exists in its current form, a non sequitur being foisted upon polite society by the lords of lies:

The liberal side of the coin can be found in Heartiste’s recent post :

In a totally liberal economic system certain people accumulate considerable fortunes; others stagnate in unemployment and misery. In a totally liberal sexual system certain people have a varied and exciting erotic life; others are reduced to masturbation and solitude…………

Whether we call it by name or not, this point-of-view sees sex as a zero-sum undertaking. In a field of limited resources, the resources will be distributed according to who masters the best strategy at the time. The winners win big, the losers lose big.

The non sequitur is that democracy, capitalism, agrarian society, society with contractual obligation, western civilization, tribal civilization (to an extent), and practically every other social entity believes in and encourages a non-zero sum status quo.

You don’t raise a corn stalk so you can pluck and eat one cob. You don’t go to hell for eating one jelly donut. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you and expect it to keep feeding you.

You bang a dude’s wife, fair enough. But then she gets stoned in the central square. You have sex outside of marriage? Fair enough. But you then pay the future husband in cash for spoiling another man’s goods. You want your daughter to marry? Fine, but your daughter must come with a hefty dowry to warrant that kind of risk.

For thousands of years, the various incantations of society have spoken the same message: women must be wrapped up and treated like property. Women didn’t vote. Women didn’t own property. Women didn’t work. Women were not allowed into male space. It is then and only then do men turn their attention away from slitting each other’s throats to actually formulate a robust and stable social structure. (PS. If you have an opinion about this, fuck you for thinking opinion is relevant to combat historical fact)

So back to the non-sequitur: women fucking around while men prop up society doesn’t work.

It just so happens that Game, as it exists currently, has this same non sequitur built in. Game has identified that ‘men with options’ can ‘next’ women and that there is value in an ‘abundance mindset.’ This specifically treats the sexual market like a non-zero sum conservative mindset, conservative in that you are never forced into alternative mindsets (like one of desperation).

Women believe in a zero sum, alpha-take-all society. Gamers (men) believe in a non-zero sum, abundant society. Considering the political winds only one is going to win.

The ominous thought is that while Game believers continue to think that there IS a decline, and that they are going to ‘ride the decline,’ the truth seems to be that they are suicidal. Until they take the metaphoric purple-saguaro and royally ass-fuck civilization with it, they are proclaiming their own death.

I’m all for ass-fucking civilization, since men built it before and they will do it again. But of course we have to put the facts on the table:

1. Men need to see other men as part of their same tribe again, as neighbors, as comrades, and as trusting allies.

2. Men WILL align themselves with other men, as neighbors, as comrades, and as trusting allies. It will resemble every other tribe that has ever existed, politics and polite society be damned.

3. Men wont give a fuck ever again until male cognizance and ethics drive the argument. All of these points are mutual. Society will move on when all three arise.

God I love facts. They are so politically incorrect. Its an invigorating breath of fresh air- just like the smell of rain on a storm front that moves the hair on your neck.

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One Response to On to the Next Manifesto

  1. Bob Wallace says:

    I’ve said many times before these PUA Gamers and their deluded “leaders” babbling about Alphas and Sigmas and defining everyone who disagrees with them as Betas and Omegas and Gammas are fools who don’t have a clue what they are doing.

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