How to keep a man down

This Reddit thread makes it perfectly clear how you can go 180 degrees from happy to fucked- all thanks to our wonderfully unbiased judicial system…

A single man typically has no reason to educate himself on childhood law, on the court system, paternity testing, common law, etc. But men simply cannot make the mistake of naivety any more.

I want to remind you that inquisitive thought and the ability to brainstorm are entirely masculine traits. The ability to forsee and plan for bad times is imperceptible to women, who will never ever ever be able to imagine themselves in dire straights. Therefore women can never imagine scenarios in how to overcome a bad situation. If you can do this, you are committing a feminist thought-crime right out of the gates. Having said that, lets continue (if you dare).

If you are a keen man who believes in forethought and preparation, and you have just read the Reddit story, then you will come to some obvious conclusions about what your options are and where to invest your potential as a man.

The first scenario (and the least likely) of what to do with your potential is to get rich and famous. By chasing fortune, you effectively create so much abundance that you can afford to let it go and not sacrifice your social status and quality of life. Chalk up 50% of your assets to the divorce and another hypothetical 15% in alimony, being rich and famous will insure that your remaining 35% is still a comfortable number. Pretending you want to live an upper middle class life at $100,000 a year, that would mean that you need to have regularly earned at least $400,000(!) before taxes, alimony, and child support.

Getting rich is a long shot, but doable if you work your ass off. The risk is made clear in cases like this one, in which Brendan Fraser- Hollywood actor- cannot make bank anymore, and glory day child support payments are strangling him. Being rich might not be rich enough…

The second scenario is that you cruise right along with a middle class six figure salary. Feeling more and more fly, you unwittingly start to look like a chunk of Yukon bullion glinting up from a creek bottom. Soon lots of prospectors prospects are all around you and you feel so lucky to meet the love of your life. Ye gads, you are treading in risky territory. Much like the guy in the Reddit story, no planning or foresight will save you from fate…

The third option is the way of men in today’s world, unfortunately. How do you avoid being chum in shark water to begin with? How would you play it so that women don’t even consider you as a target?

Unfortunately, you have to cut your aspirations, slum along on a salary half as much as hers, and hide your assets on the sly (nay; you can’t hide your assets. You truly have to life a spartan lifestyle and abandon all conspicuous spending).

Her mentality should be like this:

“Potential provider dad? Likely not. If I take him for half anyway? I won’t get anything. Damn.”

Having said all that, now you have seen a case study in how to keep men down.

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1 Response to How to keep a man down

  1. I wouldn’t say this has anything to do with feminism, personally. I think it’s appalling what she’s done, and the guy should get legal advice and wear a condom in future because there’s the planning that would have not got him in this mess.

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