SWPL: guerilla warfare

Somewhere, somehow, someone managed to convince us that ad hominem attack is a credible way to argue and to therefore control public policy. Throw in the clear conflict of interest (does that term even exist anymore?) of the eventual governmental hand outs and we have a new Gimmedat Crown!

“You racist.”
“You sexist.”
“You misogynist.”
“You chauvinist.”
“You bigot.”
“Ew. Creeper.”
“Hater gonna hate.”
“You feminist.”

…Gotcha. I threw that last one in there. Doesn’t have quite the ring does it?

I digress.

While everyone is rallying behind the low-class gut shots of ad hominem bias, white people are still leading the way with their retardedly complex eco-soy organic homegrown artisanal ad-hominem attacks. Did I lose you anywhere in that mouthful? Continuing on.

The above-mentioned worlds almost never collide. It would be like matter combining with antimatter if the two ever had to face off. Imagine an argument between Jerome the educated black and Neamiah the grass-fed hipster:

Jerome argues – “That guy there; I just know that he looked at me with dislike. There was a definite sneer of animosity. I couldn’t believe that in this day we still have to suffer in silence at this bigotry. When will we ever look past the color of someone’s skin?”

Neamiah argues – “How can someone like this treat the earth so poorly? Its up to all of us to pitch in the local community and find a movement, a vibration, on a deep spiritual level. I participate in a local art commune that does organic backyard garden performances. I hope that you see the karma within our souls.”

FWOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!! The earth just exploded.

SWPL is guerilla warfare. How else could upper middle class white children so wantonly traipse into the ghetto, set up a hippie camp, and begin to ‘reeducate’ the colored neighbors with ‘locally sourced vegetables’ and ‘block scale community engagement’? Black culture is getting fucking owned by grass-fed white kids.

When someone lobs an ad hominem hand grenade at you, calmly get on your home-grown carbon-emission-offset-welded fixie and ride circles around them. Its the future of the WP in SWPL.

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