The Essence of Game applied to Green living (and other movements)

Krauser gives us a good storytelling session that hits home about the essence of Game.

He is indirectly making the point that women don’t care for the content of the story, any underlying message to the story, or actually experiencing the scenario in the story.

The value is within his ability to provide colors and imagery that trigger feelings.

If you extrapolate this into feminism and society, you start to wonder: society typically operates on profit and logic. How much of society is being rewritten to include emotions as a third currency?

Take the “green” movement for example (already we are out the gate with a strong mental color). I *highly* doubt that tender young hip teenage girls give two shits about digging up their yard and sweating and toiling in heat, insect swarms, and humidity. They will have no interest in waking up in cool parts of the day at dawn to tend to crops that need to be protected from insects, rot, and animal poachers. They would go beserk to realize that the end result, a decent crop, will fill their stomach (after they cook it) but will not earn very much money.

Yet I have just described ‘urban farming.’ Notice how sexy the image is, and contrast that with how unsexy the labor is.

Again, women get involved in stuff that feels good; you can safely assume that movements like the green movement involve a heavy amount of rationalizing away any labor.

The concept of a woman who wants to ‘work’ has to be the biggest farce ever foisted on polite society. I will help you out with this. Women want to work if:

1. It feels good; air conditioning is the biggest pre-requisite.
2. They can imagine themselves saving the world.
3. They don’t have to deal with icky sexual attention.
4. They don’t actually have to think about what is profitable.
5. They don’t have to compete with men.
6. They don’t have to use physical labor.
7. They can imagine their demographic doing the same thing elsewhere.
8. They never come in contact with equally beautiful/ youthful housewives.
9. They don’t actually need to produce anything.
10. There are men around to take blame and take charge.
11. There is a Starbucks around the corner.

I don’t say this spitefully. I just think that femininity is inherently about self-preservation, which all of these factors reflect. The grand irony is that all jobs exist to fulfill these very factors.

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1 Response to The Essence of Game applied to Green living (and other movements)

  1. Made Men says:

    Outside of developed countries, women gladly do exactly this kind of work. And while some of them are cheerful when you catch them resting, most are hardened into a perma-frown. Manual labor does not look good on them.

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