Women and development.

I love that evolutionary biology is gaining momentum because there are some mightily interesting scenarios that are way too PC to talk about without the biological frame of reference. And since PC is no issue here, and since evo. biology is on my side, lets dive right in.

For example, a girl is ready to give birth at puberty. Explain to me why this is biologically normal but is shrieked at like a farmer shrieks at a Salem witch. Puberty is a sign that a female is dropping eggs to make a baby. nothing more or less. Why would you rail against nature’s clear signal beacon? What kind of unnatural creep are you?

The motility of male sperm is no different between the age of male puberty and old age. The 18 year old banging his teacher has more biological effectiveness than a 40 year old virgin. Inversely, a seasoned man flirting with younger women can easily make younger men look like little boys. The whole point is that biological effectiveness for men is never easily defined. Its is young, old, up, down, left, right, backward, forward, inside, outside, high, low, stoned, drunk, and hypocritical.

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  1. hbeeva says:

    There’s an old saying in Bulgaria: the kid of an old goat. It is used for a cunning, smart person.

    A mom can give a lot to her kid. Youth is one thing, but nurturing can make the difference between having a child that excels, is an exceptional person and one that is barely above a human animal. So it is natural that a young woman would be protected a bit from becoming a mother too early. It is also natural for humans to modulate their biological behavior for better results.

    Also, purely in biological terms, if you let things happen the natural way, a woman’s skeleton in her teens may not be developed enough for a hassle-free pregnancy and delivery, with consequences for mother, baby and the whole family.

    But even if you only consider sex, behavior modulation is still in. We can shriek as much as we want if we decide it’s for a purpose. Being sexually active does things to your mind. We may not want that. And it’s also a natural human thing. This is the human paradox- that it is natural for us to be unnatural.

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