Self-Actualization or Bangs

If you have kept a finger on the manosphere pulse you know that Half Sigma has moved over to Lion of the Blogosphere.

One of his blog hypotheses is that the rich upper class has made self-actualization their most important goal.  According to his theory, the rich spend money on intellectualism or philanthropy as a form of peacocking their social status; the resulting message is that they care more about creating a visible personality than riches or power. Personality is power (or more correctly, pursuing the credential track of upper class personality is power).

Do you recall the recent story of John McAfee? Rich multi-millionaire rags-to-riches computer software creator moves to a third world country, gets involved in the drama of local corruption, and makes a dramatic escape.

This story so oddly contradicts the script of being a rich self-actualizing libtard that you have to wonder if returning to the USA is an escape for him. More like fleeing the hornets nest straight into the lion’s den.

McAfee shamelessly did everything a maculine man would do: spend the lump sum on riches, hookers, and drugs. It perfectly defines how every Redbull-loving motocross junkie fantasizes about wealth. I do too. The image is there in my head, right now. ( I fantasize about having a yacht and crusing around the Caribbean, free of worry or schedule)

Yet for all the experiences he unlocked with sums of money, he doesn’t seem to be a socially successful guy. Not in the “I graduated cum laude from Harvard Business School” way. Nor in the bubblegum Bieber-like “If I was your boyfriend” way either. Case in point, look at the guys he was competing with for access to women: third-world dirt poor corrupt drug dealers. Why does an American multi-millionaire resort to getting his jollies off with third world women?

Clearly the path to riches is becoming disparate from the path to power.


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