My readers most likely know of Skrillex, the off-beat scenester turned mega-award winning DJ. He popped out of a heavy gothic catacomb straight into the limelight.

What shocked me was not his sound. What shocked me was the veracity and speed of women embracing his style and behaviors. I now have a solidified belief that women are parasitic to the point that they need to hijack male entity to align it with the female imperative.  

Whereas everyone was praising how unique the sound is, I scratched my head. In a world of rapidly advancing technology, it kinda makes sense that the next iterations of everything are technologically processed.

Take an earlier unrelated example: the 1969 moon landing. Landing on the moon is certainly ‘unique,’ but considering the massive social and financial investment at the time, what seemed to be a unique event was in reality the next step on the then-current trajectory. (As a postscript, the zeitgeist didn’t embrace the subsequent lunar missions.)

Returning to Skrillex, his music was simply the next step in the trajectory. Which leads me to the crux of this post’s theory: women are obsessed with the next step in the trajectory.



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One Response to Trajectory

  1. TFU says:

    I’ve frequently seen and read about something on a more micro level that I think is related. Girls who are really into their boyfriends “take on” a lot of the interests of the guy she is seeing. I only have anecdotal evidence, but my sister is in a relationship with a guy that is into really postmodernist philosophy, which she quickly got enthusiastic about. All three girls that I’ve seriously dated really started enjoying the music that I listened to, the books that I read and the sport that I played. Friends have offered the same opinion countless times when I’ve asked about it. And just as soon, the girls will drop these new “passions” quickly after the relationship ends. Obviously, this doesn’t happen with girls who aren’t completely enamored with their guy. I think this may simply be an interpersonal expression of women’s obsession with trends that you call the next step in the trajectory, or it has some deeper connection with differences in male/female identity solidity that I’m not smart enough to talk about.

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