Reading through comments on The Last Psychiatrist’s blog is a grinding and headache inducing task. Nevertheless,  I descended to the Marianas Trench at three hundred fifty-ought out of probably five hundred. The original post was part two in commentary of white upper class hipsters on food stamps, fee free to read it. For now, follow along and read the comment below:


I’m not against dreams, but the fact is that we never bother to teach kids the difference between a dream and a fantasy. Almost every kid with a keyboard dreams of being either a game designer or an author. Any kid with a notebook and a pencil fantasizes about being an artist. that’s all well and good, but it’s mostly a fantasy — at best they’re dillitants who aren’t seriously into art for art’s sake, writing for the sake of writing or making mods of games for the sake of the game.

My thing is that too many kids end up with a fantasy — they fantasize about being an author but they don’t really like writing, they like being the kind of person who is an author. They don’t like coding, they want to be the kind of person to design the next Skyrim or Saints Row. They don’t want to draw, they want to be an artist. They don’t want be a teacher, they want to be the kind of person who gets English lit. The difference is that the kid who wants to do something will do it when no one is looking, the kid who wants the lifestyle won’t do it unless they get credit for being the kind of person who writes, draws or codes.

The trick is to teach kids the difference — the difference between a dream (I want to sing, and I’ll work my ass off to get there) and a fantasy (I want to get famous from American Idol and sign autographs, but don’t want to spend a life time learn to sing). The difference comes when you realize that you don’t want to do the hard parts. You don’t want to code if you won’t debug, you don’t want to write if you don’t want to edit, you don’t want to sing if you don’t want to learn how to read music or take voice lessons.

I won’t say “don’t dream”, but what I will say is that there’s a difference between wanting to be an author and wanting to be an author. There’s a difference between wanting to be a game designer and wanting to make a game. If it’s about wanting to do the work, it’s a dream. If it’s about the life style, it’s nothing more than a fantasy.

The commenter’s belief is perfectly reflective of the huge elephant in the room. The gender double standard.

Men will put in hard work and will build society when they are incentivized to do so.

Men will not put in hard work when their potential mates are off fucking around with antisocial Hunter Moore dickwad men.

Yet again we can default back to Heartiste’s Four Sirens.

Oh, and by the way, any suggestion that men should voluntarily maintain themself in a state of blissful ignorance of female nature while slaving away working passionately is grounds for putting a bullet in your head and dropping your remains in a roadside ditch.

The commenter above emphasizes how modern kids want the ‘being’ without the ‘doing’ as if there is a problem with this. As far as I can see in this cock-carousel world,  ‘being’ the superstar is all that’s necessary for getting tons of pussy. You don’t have to ‘do’ jack shit except sit idly by your preteen smoking girl friend while her hundred thousand Instagram fans anxiously wait for her to reblog a photo of you (“Hotttt ❤ xoxoxo lol!”)

I love love love how casually easy it is to default an argument back to biology and sex and Heartiste.  I feel sorry for people like The Last Psychiatrist. I feel sorry for his commenters. It takes them hundreds of thousands of soap box speeches to solve the world’s problems – which Heartiste does in four statements.

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