Six year old Veteran

Here is a comment i left on a thread over on Roosh’s forum:

It is a byproduct of the times. Technology.

Today a six year old girl can find the alpha with considerable ease. He is the guy on the Disney channel. Or the guy with the quirky youtube channel.

That six year old girl is learning at a really young age how the cute popular guys make her feel. she is learning it through TV or the internet. (Corollary: she is also learning how to behave to get the cute boy’s attention)

Now imagine when she goes outside into the real world. Do six year old boys act like those boys on the Disney channel? Seven year olds? Eight? Ten? Twelve? Fourteen? Eighteen?

I would argue that a six year old girl with TV and internet is already well aware to notice behaviors of dominance and popularity. The creepiness comes in because her entire generation of boys is simply not on the same level. Yet society has to lump everyone together in school, etc.

The double standard: a six year old boy is at an evolutionary disadvantage to notice displays of dominance. He would be upset to notice it because he cannot challenge anyone at a young and weak age. I would suggest that boys are biologically hardwired to be naive and ignorant of it until their teens.

Postscript: girls need exposure to as many men as possible to learn who the best is. Technology helps that A LOT.

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