Maslow and the Game

Here is a thought experiment for you: take Maslow’s heirarchy of needs and apply it to the recent New York Times article She Can Play That Game, Too.

Maslow puts sex as a base need, but so many men pedestalize it.

I am super curious what PUAs think about legalized prostitution. If sex is part of the journey and not the ultimate destination, then they should have no problem with legal prostitution.

Legal prostitution would also mothball AMOG tactics to an extent. Who cares how skilled you are at delivering or reframing ‘bro backslaps’ when you can plunk down a twenty and get laid with a hotter chick.


If the PUA subconsciouly knows the ugly truth that sex IS the male destination, then they are secretly pedestalizing sex and specifically ignoring that men pursue crafts and skills to attract women for sex.

The wool has been pulled over all of our eyes anyway, since modern women have had as much sex or more than prostitutes, but are still clean doves in the eyes of an economy that subsidizes sluts.

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