I Own

Maybe I am too old fashioned conservative (despite being in my 20s), but I think when the creators of the United States set stuff down in ink, they had an idea about what it took to combat the forces aligned against their ideal of freedom. They chose the wording of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of property to blanket the ideals that would influence the mission statement and purpose of the USA.  If you start at John Locke, origin of the phrase ‘L,L,PoH’, he asserts that these are inseparable from human existence and one of the key handshakes men make to respect each other and therefore become civilized.

In today’s world, do we have the right to life, liberty, and property? How about personal ownership, which assuredly pissed off the barons, lords, and aristocrats of the day?

In today’s world, the pursuit of property becomes a literal pursuit of paying for what you already own. The credentials you ‘earn’ for your name are not owned, but rented for a fee. See the ground under your feet? Pay a hefty sum up front under the guise of ownership, then begin routine payments to the government. If you stop pleasing your wife (with payments of resources) prepare for the government to come in help themselves to what you own. Your license to practice? Pay dues, else lose it.

I keep having a recurring dream of ideals. If you truly owned the property you stood on, it becomes an unshakeable rock. Were you to ever experience hard times, your property still affords you an existence attached to your identity. Without it, property lost in hard times makes you a vagrant, a nomad, who blows in the wind at the whim of society.

If you truly owned the credentials you achieve, it becomes impossible to separate from your identity. It destroys the power monoply of majority rule, especially the association of professionalism with private organizations. The power of the credential disperses to the individual.

If you truly owned your marriage license, as if the power to marry was not granted by the state, but by the resources you own (or, dare I say, the divine power), it destroys the power monopoly currently ruining the value of marriage.

The ideals of todays world are papier mache replacements for the real thing.

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