I wish to call your attention to two links today:

Face to Face (previously Dusk in Autumn)

The Limits of Human Scale (post #5)


The first link is a blog in which the author tracks the cycles of violence over time, and the distinct differences that the human condition experiences in falling crime periods versus rising crime periods.

The second link is a thread at My Posting Career. The thread is an appeal to reverse the tide of globalism by a return to smaller, regional political units. The practical benefits of doing so are described within.

Feel free to read in depth at both sites, so that you trust I am not crazy when I admit the following deduction:

Violence is noticeably declining from the modern world. The modern world is also becoming more centralized. Therefore, to achieve decentralization as described by ‘The Limits of Human Scale,’ it is necessary to reintroduce violence to society.

If you read through the second link, the author describes a ‘who’ ‘what’ ‘when’ ‘where’ ‘why’ but never a ‘how’ to create small decentralized political units-short of using force of law to do so. But to suggest that rule of law will ever move toward a decentralized system is fantasy and contradicts the ‘progressive’ nature of government and technology.

If you read through the first link, you will grasp that violence makes men react on a primal level, an unconscious move to form tribal bonds. Men drop the neurotic strive for status and instead mobilize into what has been described as comrades, brotherhood, family, etc. At the peak of a crime wave, anecdotal evidence shows that men internalize their trust in each other. The trust allows for men to have the confidence to establish many roles of leadership, much more than in safe times. The reason is because of the internalized trust in other men, and the trust that they have collectively put aside status striving.

The sum of these two blogs make it obvious men will not be motivated, coerced, ordered, or shamed into thinking of themselves as independent leaders. Men can only achieve that by testing themselves, succeeding, and watching fellow men undergo the same testing. Hence, the introduction of violence.


I will digress a moment and invite you to consider the popular concept of Game. The very fact that it is identified as Game is telling: treating intersex relationships as a game has the potential to benefit men. Like a sporting event, gamesmanship opens up unintended avenues for winning – at the cost of sportsmanship.

Game distills into sex for the sake of sex, or in other words, having multiple experiences with many women will eventually change a man into an uncaring, aloof master of women. And the reason a man would want to become an aloof master of women is…… to obtain more women. Sex for the sake of sex.

The curious phenomenon of Game is that all the actions you commit for the sake of Game are an attempt to reform the biological responses that men have in the face of beautiful women. The actions are not traditional attempts at wrestling status from other men, or by earning resources and money to attract women; Game only recycles these as applied to  ‘inner game’, ‘self mastery’, and so on.


Now apply the same Game concept to violence, or violence for the sake of violence. Fight Club recognized the phenomenon. Two men fight for no apparent outcome; not an attempt to wrestle status, nor an attempt to procure more resources. The desire to fight was to reform the internal biological composition of the man as a survivor, and the spiritual/psychological application to the man’s personality. Fighting for the sake of fighting.

How else do men learn to lead men, when they cannot say that they are tested to be stronger than the subordinate?

The modern response is to elevate the more intelligent men to positions of leadership. If you haven’t noticed, intelligence has quickly devolved to the mimicry of intelligence, or psychosis.


To summarize: while the world moves toward progressive organization across borders, the way to artificially stunt this movement is to introduce violence to the system. Game has set the foundation for men to generally comprehend the application of gamesmanship, and it will be natural to tinker with the concept to create a system of violence for the sake of violence. By doing so, men can consciously move the system in a direction that progressivism cannot accommodate.

As a postscript, this is not advocating terrorism, sucker punching, or other cowardly acts. This is simply recognition of the effectiveness of organized or institutionalized violence in the hands of citizens.


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