A soul defined by sex

First, a word on conservatism.

If you can avoid the ad hominem associations of the word, you would see that the root of conservatism is to ‘conserve,’ defined simply as taking something that you currently have an abundance of, and saving it for the day when you do not have as much. When a conservative person lives this as an ideology, instead of simple weights and balances of material resources, he begins to treat perception and opinion in much the same way.

Instead of bags of grains stored in a barn, consider that a conservative stores pieces of his identity. Is a conservative person a Christian? Is he a family man? Is he an entrepreneur? Is he a father? How about a buddy, comrade, gang member, club member, frat brother? A lover?

Each occupation listed above has incredibly profound implications as to the public’s perception of him as a person. For example, if a Christian man deviates much too far into the frat brother side of his personality, the trajectory of his life could change greatly. He could face social pressures, both positive and negative. He could be hated. Imagine the mother who penalizes a father for being an entrepreneur and a family man, spending too much time in the office. Imagine the lover who neglects his friends. On the other hand, imagine the family man who successfully balances family life and business. Imagine the friend who regularly incorporates his friends in his passions.

The beauty of being a conservative is that a conservative person mentally grants that he will only ever be given a part of the other person’s soul, and is agreeable with that. A conservative will never have a passion or a defining thing; to do so admits that he has spent all the currency of his reputation and has failed to ‘conserve’. How often does the public grant an aging rock star the freedom to be a family man? How often does the high-powered lawyer woman feel the freedom to put her career aside? Hopefully you see that some of the most pressing liberal scenarios in today’s world- which they have no answer for- can be answered.

If I digress for a moment, I personally believe that women will never be able to grant that kind of agency to a man, because women need him to perform all his assigned and self interested roles without fail. It is due to the woman understanding her value and her obligation to scrutinize in choosing the best man, especially not a man who would claim failure or defeat in his responsibilities. If she marries a lawyer, she implicitly expects him to have conserved parts of himself for their union; the roles of husband, father, neighborhood leader. Etc. The 50 hour a week lawyer is bound for a divorce.

Now to speak to homosexuality.

As I have made the case, a conservative man carefully conserves and allocates parts of himself into his conceptual whole, never wholly defined or enclosed. The homosexual has chosen the exact opposite route. On a conceptual level, homosexuality is not about embracing the male-male relationship; it is about embracing the homogenization of all parts of his nature into one concept. It is a desire to be defined by one concept alone, and that concept is defined by sex with another man.

I believe that men instinctively do not agree with homosexuality because of the desire homogenize all roles and perceptions into that of homosexuality. Any task becomes a hypersensitive arbitration of the responsibilities, the players, the observers: do I look gay enough doing this? Does this make me look like I don’t care about gay/fem/etc rights? What will people think of me doing this task? Will I lose credibility for my personality for doing this? Do people think this is x,y,z? Everything becomes subservient to the homosexual characterization.

A conservative saves some part of himself for different scenarios, no matter how small or remote the possibility. Take a homosexual parent with an adopted child. If the child is respected as an autonomous individual who desires to take on multiple roles in society, the child will want to know how to handle a variety of issues. For example:

-Dad, how does a guy devote time to getting a girlfriend?
-How do I get a career, and be respected?
-How do I befriend a circle of friends?

or, more innocently random questions like

-Dad, do girls like auto mechanics?
-Dad, do you think I should join a team of soccer players?
-Dad, can office workers get girls too?

A gay man simply will not be able to answer any of these without making their response align with some coda or platitude regarding homosexuality (or any associated interest, fem, lez, trans, etc). It is an ideological impossibility for a homosexual to compartmentalize different social roles.

The homogeneity affords little room for platonic relationships with heterosexuals. Every act becomes a ‘micro aggression’ liable to scrutiny: was that a gay-acceptable action? Was that pro gay? A curious thing happens because of this. Under this constant scrutiny, the homosexual forgets that the actions of others are neither pro-gay or against gay; they are simply pro-individual acts of self interest. Homosexuality sees these acts of self interest as hostile to homosexuality, simply for not including homosexuality as part of a normal person’s self interest. The slippery slope is that self interest and human agency is made pathological for refusal to concern itself with homosexuality.

It is with no surprise that since the 60s revolution, society has struggled to give people the freedom for that one passion, one thing that ‘really defines me.’ Is it any surprise that the next iteration of society would include a group of men who have encountered a viable way to declare themselves under the banner of one thing that really defines them, a la homosexuality? When men stop believing that they need to save some of themself for multiple roles, and instead choose to fling themselves wholeheartedly into one pursuit, the dysfunction awaits.

A Navy SEAL learns to shoot a rifle, parachute from an airplane, build explosives, SCUBA dive, lead militia, hike, backpack, drive multiple types of vehicles, and a variety of other tasks. The moniker of being a SEAL is respected because of the successful compartmentalization of many jobs into that one title (you can even see this in the acronym: SEa Air Land) I guarantee that the SEALs are conservative, because they will need to conserve a little bit of themselves to push the mission forward, achieve the objective, and will have conserved a last little piece of themselves to remind that they are still fathers, friends, and human beings.

Will homosexuality find the humanity to leave no role untouched by the desire for gay-friendly compliance?

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