More on the middle class ideology

Cross posted from a Rooshvforum thread.

The pursuit of sex and the pursuit of the middle class are different things.

Being productive, upstanding, honest, clean, intelligent, clear-minded, thoughtful, etc. are purely middle class ideals.

You recognize that sex in the middle class has “strings attached” to sex. “Be clean, productive, upstanding, etc. and society will reward you.” (Think about this next time you hear a girl preach about wanting ‘no strings attached’ sex)

This meritocratic ideal is what indicates a stable middle class, and the reward is money, sex, companionship, security, love, and peace.

Without adherence to codes of conduct, the middle class devolves. The result is an upper class and everyone else (aka the lower class). The upper class can afford all of these things by buying access to them. The lower class thinks its a dog-eat-dog hustle to become upper class.

You happen to live in a time of a devolving middle class.

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1 Response to More on the middle class ideology

  1. zhai2nan2 says:

    That is a good post; it is so good that I felt no need to add anything. It is pretty grim, but convincing.

    But then I got nominated for an award, and that award must be passed on, so I’m going to break the grim mood.

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!

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