One small change to the Declaration, no big deal

I propose a small change to the Declaration of Independence in order to help out the vibrant people in today’s world. Real small, no big deal.

Change the following:

“Life” which represents freedom to exist, free to inhabit earth without being productive or earning, without taxation on existence.

This needs to be changed to “Pro-choice”, because having the ability to choose the importance of things is more valuable than life. Especially choosing when to be moral, when not to. When to think of children as a burden, when to think of them as a blessing. When to think of a man as a loser, when to think of him as a husband. We people of the 21st century reserve the right to be fickle and to change our minds when the morality suits us.

“Liberty” which represents freedom from onerous taxation, ability to think freely and speak freely, permanent rejection of the conditions that lead to indentured servitude, slavery, monarchy.

This needs to be changed to ‘Equality’ because equality is simply a more important idea than liberty. Besides, liberty is much too controversial a subject if it ‘micro-aggresses’ toward providing true equality.

“The Pursuit of Happiness” which represents the ability to change circumstances away from tyranny and imposition on the soul. This also represents freedom to personally decide and declare oneself happy, or to change our pursuits to fit our subjective decisions what will make us happy.

This needs to be changed to “The Pursuit of Ignorance” because men function much better when they are unconcerned with things like sexual baggage, old dysfunctional relationships, old ‘exciting’ approaches to life. Also better not to think about what makes strong community, or to think about civil rights. It’s better to simply never know what to think about these things. Much easier to take them as coda. Women and minorities find you much more agreeable when you can prove you are ‘innocent’ of racism or sexism by being truly ‘innocent’, or ‘ignorant’ or ‘naive,’ much like a small child.

In conclusion, the summary is:

Change “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” to “Pro-choice, Equality, and the Pursuit of Ignorance.”

Thanks, that shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience. No big deal.

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