The Randomness of Genetics

If a man is walking down the street and a stranger stops him, hands him a chess piece, and continues on- never to be seen again- two things can happen.

First, the man could mentally and physically reject the exchange by assuming it is a strange part of living in the city, and therefore throws the chess piece away.

Second, the man might assume there is some meaning to the exchange, and therefore holds on to the chess piece.

Either, way there will never be a way to know the past nor the future; he will never get an accurate explanation of why he was handed a chess piece, nor will he have any concept of how the chess piece might influence his life in the future.

There is a third choice: if the man recognizes the binary choice as such, he can store it in memory like an open case, but dormant. By not judging it either way, he can use an entire lifetime of experience to decide if the exchange had any meaning.

Much like the randomness of life is the randomness of genetics. Being born with some inherited traits might signify a random act of nature, or it could be nature’s intention all along. Either way, attempting to judge it is a fool’s errand.

Parts of a genetic makeup are best treated as an open case, but dormant. Maybe they have a grand meaning in your life, or maybe they are entirely random. Only after a lifetime of experience could you have the wisdom and introspection to judge how they might have impacted you.

Now consider the arguments for ‘equality’. Unless you are willing to accept scientific theory, a mid-life judgement on any genetic issue is, as established above, disingenuous.

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