Gamergate and Women

Did anyone remind these naive feminists that video games grosses surpassed Hollywood grosses? …in the year 2009!

The women perpetuating Gamergate underestimate the amount of men who have played videogames. These men don’t associate with the gamer culture, but they are able to empathize with other men in regard to the value of gaming.

Men of most all ages have picked up a controller for at least one try. I personally played hardcore weekends of Counterstrike amidst the vanilla existence of christian schooling. However I gave up videogames around eight years ago after a sum total of about ten years gaming.

I work full time and distract myself with other means, but I still can think positively about the games I played. In other words, indicting gamers puts men like myself into the same lumped basket. And I don’t like the apathetic blanket judgement coming out of these feminists.

Men don’t typically empathize over anything. However men do seek emotional activity, and in 99% of cases it takes the form of feeling victorious after competition. Remember that men evolved to take the risk, then be rewarded. In every aspect of a man’s life, reward is inseparable from competition. There must naturally be a pursuit of competition to evoke those rewarding feelings, then.

Because video gaming is simply another form of competition, most men who have never touched a controller can still empathize. Just like the rabid fan who has never stepped on to the green turf of a stadium football field, he still gets a high from the competitive experience.

Its not an attack on video games alone,  but also the entire premise of games, up to and including the evolution of “play” as a human pursuit.

In terms of causing a political uproar, fucking around with video games is going to have a stronger emotional impact across the entirety of men than, say, the impact of abortion on women.

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