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An Open Letter to Patagonia fanboys

I see what you did there. You almost had me. I see how you use consumer branding to form a new kind of tribal society. One where you are in if you wear the P. Out if you don’t. I … Continue reading

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Oh the irony of word choice. Follow. Unfollow. Friend. Defriend. Poke. Ask yourself how many boys, guys, dudes, and bros are out there in the world as followers, frienders, poke-ers. Pause. Ask yourself how many men do likewise. Lead, obey, … Continue reading

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The Kennedy family (and the American man) in a nutshell

>Dirt Poor Farmer >>>Immigrant facing radical hardship >>>>>>>Shrewd businessman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cunning Investor >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Politician >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Socialite >>>>>Nostalgic reminiscent modest guy, ultimately beta >>anonymous herb who gets 60 seconds of fame >? End? This little graphic represents a rise and a fall. But the … Continue reading

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Self-Actualization or Bangs

If you have kept a finger on the manosphere pulse you know that Half Sigma has moved over to Lion of the Blogosphere. One of his blog hypotheses is that the rich upper class has made self-actualization their most important … Continue reading

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